Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And So It Begins....

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, the tear-out commences. I will be ready. I worked steadily for the last couple of hours, and I'll get up at o-dark-thirty and finish up the prep work. I'll get the tearing out guys started on their mission, then go to the office. If they need me they can text me; I can be here in 15 minutes. The dogs will be freaking out in the guest room, but they'll survive.

I'm happy with my kitchen flooring company. I had no idea how the schedule was going to flow, and when their scheduler called me and said that the soonest they could get started on my job was September 6th, I pleaded with them a bit - could they come in and tear out the tile, at least, before the cabinet install? Well, they had a window in their schedule for Friday. I called Cabinet Guy Eric. Eric says nope, Friday is Electrician Day, and that might run over into Saturday as it is, so moving him would throw a wrench into the whole works, and the electrician can't do his thing if they are tearing out the floor under him. Called scheduler back, pled my case, she said she'd see what she could do. After 4 today, she called back to report that they'd rearranged other things, and tile removal is now happening on Thursday.

So we have cabinets out tomorrow, tile out Thursday, electrical rough-in on Friday, Monday is a holiday (do I have timing or what?) so electrical inspection - well, we're hoping for Tuesday. Then cabinets go in, and if I'm really, really lucky, flooring will start on schedule a week from this Friday.

There are still a thousand loose ends and questions about how it will all go together, but at least the tile is coming out. That is a must, because the new flooring material will be covering an area formerly both tiled and carpeted. Though you can supposedly put LVT flooring down over existing tile, you can't if there is going to be a height difference between the tiled area and the formerly carpeted area, so the tile had to go.

I have a cold sore the size of a watermelon sprouting on my upper lip. The one on my lower lip that sprouted two weeks ago is finally healed, and here's another! How Special! I get a cold sore once every ten years - two in a month is absolutely unheard of! Stressed much?

It'll be over in a few weeks. It'll be over in a few weeks. It'll be over in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Take l-Lysine for your cold sores even if you have a prescription for Acyclovir - it does help or at least shorten the length of time you have the cold sore.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the *after* pictures. I am living vicariously through other people's kitchen redos. Ah, the joys of renting.


Catherine said...

I'm not on any prescriptions for cold sores, as I only get one every ten years. I am just fulfilling my cold sore quota for the rest of the decade in the same month. Abreva works fine.

Don't knock renting! I liked it; homeownership is an endless money suck.

Anonymous said...

I have owned my home for almost 27 years, and I'm seriously considering selling it and becoming a renter because I am living next door to the neighbors from Hell, and after 10 years of them, I've finally had enough. If I was renting here instead of owning, I'd have been out of here about nine years ago. Houses in my area seem to really be selling, so it's time to get out while the getting is good.