Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day One: The Tear-Out.

Say Goodbye to the Old Kitchen.

Goodbye, ancient stove that has two temperature settings: "Off" and "Cremation," and comically under-powered microwave.

Goodbye, old dishwasher - no real complaints about you, except that you only had one very very long cycle. You did a hell of a job on the dishes in the HOUR that you took to clean them.

Goodbye, Useless 80s wet bar (see all those drawers and doors? There was actually ONE working drawer, the rest were fake fronts.) Goodbye, vanity with that silly kneehole space builders used to put in to be "fancy", so women could sit down and put on their makeup three feet from the mirror and far from useful light, the way they did it in the movies but never in real life. Women getting into architecture and the homebuilding industry has been a blessing in so many ways. What do we want? Good lighting and useful storage, thankyouverymuch!

All Gone!

How I'm living now.

It'll be over in three weeks. It'll be over in three weeks. It'll be over in three weeks. And SO worth it.

P.S.: The dogs were excellent. They loved the cabinet tear-out guy (yes, just ONE guy had to do all this) - Sophie had an instant crush. I put them in the guest room/office, with food, water, toys, and soft bedding, and went to the office. Not a peep until I came home, when Murphy decided that since I was here, it was time to revert to form and be a screaming, demanding, complaining little dictator. So it looks like my plan to use the office as dog containment (until the day the flooring goes in here, when the bedroom at the opposite end of the house will become dog containment) is going to work. Good Dogs.

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