Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bonus Surprise Book Review.

I am NOT a romance novel reader, modern or Regency or whatever. I would have passed Georgette Heyer by forever, if not for the enlightenment of the internets, and people whose opinions I have come to value swearing up and down I'd like her books. I'm now a huge fan, and working my way through all of her works. I think I just finished (sort of) my favorite:

The Grand Sophy

I say "sort of" because I listened to this as an abridged Audible download. I normally won't touch abridged, especially from an author I enjoy, but this one was on sale for $4.95 and I was without new dog-walking-listening, and it had rave reviews, though nearly every review bemoaned the abridgement, so I went for it. I finished it this afternoon, and my review echoes the rest - LOVED the story and the characters, fabulous reader, but WHY, oh WHY, is it only available in this chopped-down 4+ hour length?

I do believe this is my favorite of the several Heyer books I've listened to, and now I want to get it in paper format so I can see what they chopped out to make it a well-done but way-too-short four hour production. It's laugh out loud funny in many places, and The Grand Sophy is now my all-time favorite Heyer heroine. So if you still have some summer left and want some smart, funny escapist reading, Grandma Crabby gives this five stars and two thumbs up.


Toni R. said...

I don't like her romances, but I love her mystery novels.

besshaile said...

Oh la! She's absolutely my favorite of the regency romance writers. Sometimes that's my favorite - sometimes Fredericka, sometimes Venetia, sometimes the cluster that begins with These Old Shades. Think we have a fan here? Our library has every single one of her books, except her very first one - but I've even read that one.

Catherine said...

I am not a romance novel reader, to put it politely, but I enjoy Heyer's wit and knack for comedy. I read her occasionally and have only read a few of her many novels, but I did LOVE this one.