Saturday, January 06, 2018

The First Week of January

Okay, so I'm not going to get all crazy and promise to update the blog daily, or even 3x a week, but I will aim for at least once or twice a week.

So, first of all: I went on a job interview yesterday and I'm hoping I get the job, so please send some mojo. It's a better fit for my skill set than my current position and would offer a more stable future.

Second: Wednesday, you described my abruptly giving up my wine habit exactly! It's like I just woke up and said, "Yeaah, I've had enough...." I've lost almost 4 lbs in two weeks. Of course, I'd put on 5 lbs over the past couple of months so I'm not counting it as a "loss" until I go below that 5, but I feel great, and my daily headaches have finally stopped. And my insomnia is magically gone! My wine consumption had originally started way back when to combat chronic insomnia and a real inability to fall asleep, and I became dependent on the idea that I needed wine to help me sleep. Feeling so thoroughly shitty over Christmas week forced me to take a break, and suddenly I was sleeping 8 or 9 solid hours! I did cheat at first with 5mg of melatonin, and I'll still use it if I'm not tired enough to drop off naturally, but yeah, a dramatic shift in my sleep habits.

So I realized on New Year's Day that this is a major birthday year for me: I turn 60!!! in June! Holy Shit! Somehow this has kicked my ass out of my drifting along, just doing my thing from day to day. I want to make this year something special. I've signed up to do the Princess 5K next month, and I'd thought about starting a new knitting project to mark the occasion, then I looked around at all the UFOs cluttering my bedroom and thought maybe not. Maybe the first half of the year should be all about laying the foundation for the next decade, finishing up old stuff, clearing the decks. That would be a better goal. Then I can start a new project ON my birthday in six months. I have no idea what that would be anyway, so knitting the stash and finishing up the UFO collection makes a lot more sense.

This weekend is all about getting my life in order. I'm inventorying my unfinished knitting projects and listing them in my handy bullet journal, which is still far from Pinterest pretty but highly useful. I'm starting a new pile of Goodwill donations. I'm also making a list (also in the bujo) of items large and small I need to acquire or replace around ye olde condo. The entire community is undergoing a massive reroof project right now, and I'm typing this to the sound of hammering. It's a huge inconvenience, there's a dumpster blocking my driveway and I've had to slog up the street to my car in 30 degree weather every morning. I know, I know, you people dealing with the insane cold on the east coast are rolling your eyes at my incredible hardship, but this was some freaky weather for us and about 25-30 degrees below "normal," and I'm gonna cry when I open the next electric bill. Fortunately by next week we should be back to our usual balmy 70s.

But I know why you are really here: How are Sophie and Ellie? They are awesome, though also sick of the cold.

Sophie likes to stand and warm her buns before the fire.

She would like to know when the warm is coming back, please.

I learned last week that she can actually fake snoring. It was cold as hell and raining the other morning, and I felt obligated to persuade her to at least try to go out, before surrendering and leaving her with potty pads. She was snoring away when I walked into the bedroom and called her name. Her eyes opened, and she started snoring LOUDER, and squeezed her eyes shut. She heard me and was faking sleep.

Ellie remains grateful for her litterbox. I swear she snickers at Sophie when I have to take her out.

The humans are all well. We learned over Christmas break that Delaney is not only a reader, but a very advanced one for halfway through kindergarten. She slept over the Friday before Christmas. I'd suspected for some time that her reading skills were more advanced than she let on, so I dangled some bait: I downloaded the first Harry Potter to my Kindle (they're free via Amazon Prime that way), and offered to "read it to her." Within the first page she'd taken the Kindle out of my hands and started reading. She breezed past words like "professional" and "journey" as I listened. Grandma's instincts were correct; I was glad I'd started her off on the Magic Treehouse books, and the Nevergirls, instead of "age appropriate" books. Her mom reports that she's loving the Magic Treehouse series!

The NC cousins are also thriving; we FaceTimed briefly on Christmas Day, but I was feeling so poorly it didn't last long. I'll try again tomorrow.

So that's a quick update from the very cold Bossy Doghouse. Now it's time to get back to work whipping this place into shape for the new year.

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wednesday said...

Late in 2016 I read an article about what we deem "necessary" in our lives and won't let ourselves slack on. For most of us, it's work and family responsibilities, and things like exercise and healthy habits get moved to the If I have Time category.

After reading that, I moved exercise and meditation to the Necessary category. I ran 361 days last year, and began meditating while I did that. Can't tell you what a difference it made in my entire life.

The other big change was converting my office desk to a standing one. The first few weeks I was utterly exhausted by the end of the day, but once I was used to it, my energy levels came up, and now I rarely sit unless I am eating a meal, or during a meeting. I became so much more productive. You have no idea how much easier it is to waste time if you are sitting. Turned out a whole lot of my "busy" days were spent idling in a chair. Now I frequently leave work early because I am literally waiting on my co-workers or clients to catch up with me and have nothing to do.

The best part was that so many little nagging (almost) health problems went away. Things I was excusing as being inevitable once you pass 40 are gone.