Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I'm still here. I hope people can find me.

Damn, it felt weird to terminate the hosting, but honestly, I couldn't justify a very expensive vanity plate for this blog. I'm keeping the domain NAME because I don't want anyone else to use it and that's cheap, but I've terminated my hosting, which was weirdly like breaking up with a really needy boyfriend. I had to explain OVER and OVER that I just didn't need it, to the point that it was laughable.

Off to fix the Ravelry link. Thanks for the reminder, Caroline.


Karen said...

It wasn't hard to follow you back to here!

Anonymous said...

I use Feedly- you showed up in my Feed. But I’ll make sure to update it just in case.

Caroline aka FiberTribe said...

Thanks! you popped up in my Rav feed just fine.

Anonymous said...

ah, yes ... there you are-

wasn't alabama exciting???!!!

regards, as always-
barb in texas

Anonymous said...

Found you!


Elizabeth said...

I did find you but had to type in yorkiedog.blogspot (which is what you said to do...) glad to know you are still posting!!

wednesday said...

I didn't have to do a thing, just clicked my regular old bookmark. Let's hear it for being easy.

I've had the same experience with credit card companies. Call to tell them you are canceling the card because you don't use it, and their first reaction is to offer to double the credit limit. As though you were going to say, "Well, there is a new speedboat I've been eyeing...what the hell."