Friday, June 02, 2017

Where Am I NOT this Weekend?


That was last weekend. It was hot, but it honestly wasn't unbearable - the humidity was relatively low, there was a breeze at times, and we knew what we were getting into. We go later in the day, after the midday sun, and we stayed until right before the fireworks because the crush of humanity getting out of the park right after is murder. It was a lovely afternoon/evening. I finally beat Delaney BIG on Buzz Lightyear. She was tired by then and not at her best. She saw that I had a much higher score than she did, but immediately said, "But I beat you on Toy Story!" which she did.

I am not at Disney this weekend, and I am not too sad, because the weather is kinda sucky, with lots of rain in the forecast. We are so parched, we need it, but why can't it fall while everyone's at work? My daughter and family are there, staying at a resort for a couple of nights because she scored a great deal, and why not? Delaney graduated VPK and is off to kindergarten, their day care costs just dropped dramatically, and things are all looking up for them, so go forth and celebrate! It's too sweaty for moi, and I've had my Disney fix as we go into passholder block-out. There are different levels of passes, and we buy the ones that block out June, July, and about a third of August, as well as two weeks at Christmas and Easter. (Trust me, we don't miss those peak crowd and summer heat periods, and the Christmas decorations and events start in November, so we miss nothing special.)

So, I am home this weekend, looking forward to an exciting trip to Home Depot! I want to paint my kitchen backsplash area, and touch up some other areas. I can't paint the entire room myself. It has insanely high ceilings. The downside of this condo is the high ceilings in every room. The only standard ceilings are in the bathrooms. Everything else is around 14 or 15 feet, and I have no desire to climb up and down a ladder that tall, over and over, to infinity and beyond. I will hire some amiable youngsters with knees of steel for that shit. I'll have to pay a pro, and for now, the walls remain a bland, creamy white. But I can do the kitchen backsplash and the master bath over the summer. So we are going to play Game of Swatches, and I'll be open to comment. I have some ideas of colors for the backsplash, but I'm honestly not sure which way to go. I know it needs a punch of color, a pop to contrast with the darker cabinets. I'm somehow thinking a turquoise of some sort, but that's so not a kitchen color these days, and my kitchen isn't in any way 60s vintage. Maybe I'll use that in the bathroom? Maybe something more like a robin's egg blue? Mango? Something unexpected to liven it up. Anyway, I need AC filters in a very odd size, and I'll browse paint and snag some teensy samples to swatch the walls, and think about them for a couple of weeks.

Speaking of swatching: the weirdest thing happened to me. I felt my creative yarn groove return, felt the Startitis surge, and DIDN'T immediately rush to buy yarn! I actually - I know this is crazy, but stay with me - inventoried my stash, then spent some time on Ravelry finding ways to use it! This is a first for me, the queen of buying materials with great ambitions and totally unrealistic expectations of available time/energy. I liked that incredibly simple crocheted shrug so much. It's "finished" but for sewing two seams and crocheting the edging. I remembered a failed yarn purchase of many months back, where the colors that worked online didn't really do it for me in person, but they weren't THAT bad, so I knew I'd reuse it somehow. So that Cascade 220 Superwash in a heathered charcoal and a heathered plum and a heathered teal will be repurposed into a woolly shrug, charcoal with narrow, subtle stripes of alternating plum and teal.

And the champagne Euroflax linen in the stash, bought for something I lost interest in before even starting? I think it's going to be this. Because nothing says casual Florida office the AC is too high like the perfect simple linen cardigan. And nothing says ME like top-down and seamless construction, because seams and Euroflax just aren't pretty.

And Delaney's afghan is on the home stretch, right as we are coming into the brutal heat of summer. I'm thinking maybe I'll put it away when finished, and give it to her for her birthday.

No. Politics. Tonight. Gritted Teeth.

Off to work on the second shrug. It's mindless and soothing.

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Caroline said...

both of the offices I work in are freezing, so thanks for the great idea!
Enjoy your time in A/C and yarn-sanity. It's 98 degrees here, so I'm inside until twilight, too.