Thursday, May 18, 2017

How is Ellie?

I have an Ellie story for her fans. 

Last weekend I was getting dressed, the TV was off, the house was quiet. Sophie was in the bedroom with me.  Suddenly, Ellie started yowling the kind of big, dramatic yowls that cats make when in extreme distress. I had a moment of OH SHIT WHAT HAPPENED DO WE NEED TO MAKE A RUN FOR THE VET? as her distressed yowls continued.  I called, "Ellie? What's wrong?" and the yowling stopped. 

Sophie and I hurried to her side. She stopped yowling, she was fine. She had just looked around and didn't know where we were.  I told her it was okay, and Sophie kissed her on the cheek.  Not kidding.

She's fine when she sees us leave on walks, she's fine when I leave for work, but she had a moment when she wasn't sure where Mommy and her Doggy Sister had gone, and she panicked, and was so very sad and afraid.  We are her family now.

I still can't imagine how this lovely cat landed in a shelter last June, and I have to think her previous owner died, or some other emergency situation arose, where there was no time to rehome her.  She's truly one of the nicest cats I've ever known. I've loved all my cats, no matter how quirky, but this one is fast becoming Best Cat Ever.


Kirsten said...

Cats need their families, and their routines. We left poor Katniss alone for 13 hours the other day. We had to do a lot of petting to make up for that.

KatyaR said...

Poor baby girl. I think she's definitely at home now.

I saw this article this morning and wondered if you knew about this place? It looks like it would be an amazing visit.

Catherine said...

OMG, that's right nearby and I've never even heard of it! Now I really want to visit, thank you!!!

BridgetG said...

Umm . . . . we need a pic of the B.C.E. please!