Sunday, April 02, 2017

When the going gets tough, the tough go to Epcot.

Delaney's been sick for a few days. Apparently a preschool flu is all over town; her school called on Wednesday afternoon to announce that she suddenly had a fever of 102.  One of my co-worker's nieces ended up in the ER that same night, her temp was 105.8! Delaney's illness never got that dramatic but lingered on for days, with a juicy cough, no appetite, and general yuck.  Finally today she was feeling human again and announced she was ready to go to Epcot!  So we did.

It's the Spring Flower and Garden Festival, and there's a butterfly garden and absolutely gorgeous floral and topiary displays, but we were there with our recovering patient to do just one thing: the egg hunt.  This is not your ordinary egg hunt. You get a map and stickers at designated locations, then explore the World Showcase looking for large, character-themed eggs, hidden in and on various buildings or in the landscape. After you complete your map (or even if you don't find them all) you go to a designated location, where a very nice Cast Member stamps your map and lets you pick from an assortment of small eggs designed to look like characters as a prize.  It really was fun and kept Delaney engaged all afternoon, and after being cooped up in the house for three days, it was a nice way to be out in the sunshine and fresh air again.

But damn, it was HOT. It's already June Hot on April 2nd.  Sweating like summer already, yeah, I must get into hot weather mode.  

I've thought thousands of words that never made it to this sorry little blog.  I have new podcasts and fun new escapist books and all sorts of stories to tell, but it's bedtime and tomorrow is a work day, and I really will update at least 3x a week from now on. Really. It will be terrific! So much winning!

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Kirsten said...

Epcot sounds like heaven right now.
Lots of people up here are getting some awful flu that rebounds and knocks you flat for another week. Hope you don't get that!