Friday, April 07, 2017

Interesting Times.

So, right now it feels insane. I've gone from using Trumpistan as a joke to OMG you must be kidding me, he's installed his fucking Trustafarian son-in-law and the daughter he wants to bang in the White House as "advisors" and they are actually running the country, while his creepy sons run his business interests and make money off this entirely illegitimate situation, and we are now a third world country ruled by an installed family of kleptocrats put in place via a thoroughly compromised election, and, well, here we are.  And the Republican party MUST own this shit forever. Thanks to gerrymandering and cross check and a host of other vote manipulation they have worked for years, they have succeeded in their power grab. They wanted power and control, and if anyone is allowed to write a history book in the next 20 years, these people will be immortalized as traitors. Mitch McConnell's role in history will be even bigger than Benedict Arnold's. I don't know if the turtle bred, but I'm thinking any offspring might want to change their names now. 

And all those years that those treasonous bastards called the patriotism of people like me into question are so much more clear now. This was a long game mindfuck of America. I will not be silent about this.  We must call bullshit, long, loud and forever.  None of this is normal, and none of this is how our government was designed to work. Can we call it a coup yet? 

And yes, I'm still goddamn angry - how can anyone who loves this country NOT be angry about this crazy shit?  WWIII with nukes is now in the hands of a lunatic game show host with a team as clueless as he is.  We need to stay focused and keep the pressure on, because it's having an effect: Nunes stepped down and is under his own ethics investigation.  Of course, he was replaced with more partisan hacks, so the House committee is pretty much still a cluster.  But the FBI and the Senate appear to be somewhat more real, we'll see how that goes.   And that Kabuki theater of firing millions of dollars of cruise missles after calling the Russians to tip them off so they could move their shit, and without letting Congress know?  And a "show of force" that somehow didn't damage the runways or destroy the chemical weapons, and even mainstream media is pointing this out?  Yeah, that was not a smart move from the Puppet Show. And the WH team is starting to eat their own, so that's also good. 

Just don't get distracted. It's all about following the money, and the money trail leads to Russia, and the oligarchs and kleptocrats who have profited there. And the Republicans in Congress are entirely complicit in this, all of them. Quit reflexively defending John McCain as a war hero - whatever he was, he has sold his soul completely. He had the credibility to have spoken out and perhaps given cover to other Republicans to stand up, but he's buckled every damn time. Lindsay? I'm guessing there's a dossier of awkward stuff there, which is really a damn shame because he's about as closeted as Barry Manilow, and could certainly just retire and be himself if it/he came out.  This is the crazy that living lies creates. 

(And maybe I'm losing my memory, but I really thought Manilow came out years ago, to the yawns of an unsurprised world.  HE does have a new album coming out I think, but that's the only new news and probably was a stunt to promote it).

Watch the banking connections. This is all about oligarch money. Prince Jared somehow failed to disclose, etc. We are living in damn scary and dangerous times, but with comic book villains. And I'll say it again: Where the FUCK was this investigative journalism in the months leading up to the election?  This could have been avoided, and our press is desperately trying to redeem itself, but damn, there's a lot of blame to go around.


Kirsten said...

I'm glad you're still angry. I was going into ostrich mode, because this is Just. Too. Much.
Dirty f***ing hippies and the libtards turn out to be the real defenders of the Constitution. Park rangers, librarians, and Teen Vogue leading the resistance. Vanity Fair's circulation skyrocketing, because they actually investigate stuff. Who knew?
This shit with Russia is very, very, hair-raising-on-the-back-of my-neck stuff, though.

Catherine said...

It is. Who knew that Teen Vogue and the park rangers would be taking the lead? And yeah, the Russia shit is hair raising, but I'd rather know than not know what is really going on.

Catherine said...

Vanity Fair: way back before Bush the Lesser, I was traveiing a lot on business and VF was my fave airport magazine, because it was fat with stories and not all ads. And one of the things I read there was about GWB and how he had scores to settle with Hussein because daddy, and damn, it all played out just like that article I read on an airplane and shrugged off. They do some great investigative journalism.

Kirsten said...

Check out #KushnerAtWar. Small revenge.