Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Treason, every where you go....

I've tried several times to write something about this election, but every time I start a post, something even more alarming and bizarre pops up and I can't quite find the words. Bill Maher was right: this was a coup. This is the scariest shit I've ever seen in my lifetime, and I was a politically aware adolescent during Watergate. That was a fucking fraternity prank compared to THIS. This is NOT normal and can never be accepted as normal. We are being gaslighted by our "president elect" and I can only hope that our intelligence community is quietly building the case that some crazy shit just happened and it can be stopped. I have no idea if it can. I feel like the entire country is on a runaway train, on fire, heading toward a collapsed bridge into a deep canyon. Oh hey, Merry Christmas!

I did say I'd share my coping strategies, beyond an IV drip of chardonnay and lots of knitting and escapist TV, but I'm guessing we all probably follow the same people? Stephanie Miller, Bob Cesca, Jim Wright, Charlie Pierce, the great Dan Rather, and Kurt Eichenwald (who figured this shit out before anyone else and was a voice shouting warnings on Newsweek and in the Twitterverse since before the election and is now in full "I FUCKING TOLD YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!" mode, and deservedly so.) If you need links to any of them, just ask.

A podcast I have loved for years focuses mostly on how politics matters, and also on the media and its many disgraceful failures, so they've been obviously very, very busy. Driftglass and Bluegal produce a podcast every Friday, rain or shine or family tragedy or Trumpocolypse. It is very NSFW (many swears) especially now, because you just can't talk about this shit without screaming FUCK!! at regular intervals. I followed their blogs separately way back in the dark ages of GW Bush (a time that now seems almost benign), then stopped when my head went 'splodey, but rediscovered them a few years later, to discover that they'd gotten married while I wasn't paying attention! They are good people, and I'd love to meet them in person someday. I'm a regular big spender $5/mo. contributor to their work via Paypal, and if you try them and like their podcast I suggest sending them their equivalent of a Starbucks drink now and then to say thanks for their mostly volunteer labors, or better yet, send them a small regular contribution. They are the true sane and grounded and loving and potty-mouthed voice of Middle America. Bluegal is a bona fide theological scholar and also a knitter. Her "Bible Bitch" segment introduced me to The Message Bible, and I owe her for that alone. I honestly couldn't listen to any podcasts for about 10 days after the "election." When I did dare again, I was so happy with their tone, a combination of "Holy Shit we are SO FUCKED!" and "So, what do we do next?" They are keeping me sane. They are good people, and I highly recommend their podcast to my vast audience of tens of readers.

What doesn't help at all? The Left Punditocracy's circular firing squad. The usual suspects have gathered to do their analysis and chest-beating, and woes is us, Hillary didn't focus on the Rust Belt enough, she didn't this, she didn't that, she blah blah...flawed candidate...blah blah...DNC...fuck them all, seriously. That is all bullshit. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in this election by the largest number of votes in HISTORY, and by an extremely healthy margin of closing in on 3 million votes. Trump "won" this by a highly questionable 80k votes in a few key electoral states, and is now sending in squads of lawyers to prevent recounts. This is all bullshit.

I can only hope that the Obama administration is working behind the scenes to veryify the hacking, but then, what? We don't have a full Supreme Court because the Republicans blocked Obama's very centrist and well respected pick so the "next president" could pick the new justice, and now this happens? Things that make you go, Hmmmm....

We are SO fucked. That is not our real president.


Unknown said...

I don't do podcasts, but I know those names well - all those names. I am so terrified and angry/energized. And terrified, and not doing xmas.
I commented on facebook that when my mother was dying, she was convinced the Russians were sending signals through her oxygen tank. Which adds just another layer of incredulity to this whole thing. Also, Comey. He took down Martha Stewart. Now he got Clinton.

Go pet Sophie for me, please. And Ellie.


Unknown said...

Amen. And he' s talking about 8 years already and he hasnt even been sworn in. We have been pwned and are so effed. And you know what? The economy will go gangbusters because it will be completely unregulated. So most people wont care. Gaugh. Sent my passport for renewal so I can leave if i cant stand it any more. I can't even curse enough for thais mess.


Anonymous said...

Is impeachment possible before Inauguration? Just wonderin'!

Highly recommend Australia or New Zealand! Well, I would, wouldn't I, I am an ANZAC hybrid - Aussie mother and Kiwi father.
Have travelled overseas, nowhere near as much as I would have liked, but cannot imagine feeling so settled and secure as in the Great Southern Land. Coffee's great, too! Seriously good gun laws as well !

Gae, in Callala Bay

Janis Bland said...

When we retire, David and I will go to Bogotá for medical treatment if necessary. A round-trip ticket to Colombia and out-of-pocket to doctors there will be far less than what shite insurance/care will be available here.

The normalization of Trump and his minions, the white supremacists, the threats against electors, demanding names of individuals involved in climate change research ... the list goes on ... is beyond horrifying. I can't sleep at night.

New TV series: "American Horror Story: The Trump Administration."

Catherine said...

We are truly in a new world. If someone had tried to sell this as a TV series, it would be rejected as too over the top crazy!