Sunday, April 03, 2016

Spring Week!

The weather front that brought ugly stuff up north brought us an unexpected and delightful return to spring. It was 90 and humid on Thursday (10 degrees above average, for those keeping score) and then yesterday, the rains came. It rained off and on all day, and today dawned bright and clear and low humidity, like a late February day in April! I woke up all stoked to do some serious spring cleaning! I checked my email on this here elderly iMac, made the Target and Publix runs, and came home to find that the iMac was dead. So was the printer. Two outlets in the home office/guest room had quit functioning. Both outlets on the outside wall off the front balcony are now dead. No clue why. Yes, the breaker is on, and everything else in the room is fine, so, whatever. Just know I can't take off work to wait for an electrician, or debate with the condo board about whether this is my expense or theirs. I'm thinking 30+ year old tile roof rain something something outlets no work now, but it might be squirrels or just chance. Either way, it's in a part of the building I don't control. Who knows? All I know is I have neither the time nor the money to think about it at the moment.

So I rearranged the room. I moved the desk from in front of the window (no, there was no view) to the wall where the futon/couch was, where the outlets are fine. The printer is on the small rolling cabinet by the door, the couch is now on the wall where nothing much was happening, and only one file cabinet remains. It's actually a better arrangement, and one I've been considering but too lazy to do for years now. I'm good with this until something else goes wrong. I had been thinking about flipping everything around for a long time, but was unmotivated.I definitely like it better this way. I can actually open the big window without contortions and get some cross ventilation through the house, until I have to close the window for the next six or eight months.

Sophie is totally exhausted after watching me move furniture and clean for hours. I'm the one who is aching like a rotten tooth, but also filled with a sense of satisfaction.

Next weekend is supposed to be just as nice, and dammit, we are going to the Magic Kingdom! It'll be the last visit before the big blowout Disney Memorial Day trip, and it's going to still be in the 70s (unlike Memorial Day, when it will be three inches from the sun hot). I've been a grownup for what, three weekends in a row now? Fuck that noise.

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