Wednesday, February 05, 2014


My daughter texted me late today to report that the AC (yes, it's in the mid-80s here right now, yay winter?) wasn't cooling.

Okay, let's review:

Skylight replacement/roof repair earlier this year.

Hall bath needs a total re-do. Oh, and there's that hole in the living room drywall. Yes, let's not forget that!

DESPERATE need for new carpet and paint.

And a major landscape cleanup, stat.

And somehow, I think in the last 12 months we already had another AC repair? I have to research this, because I think I failed to report it as an expense on my "investment property" when I did taxes last weekend - I haven't filed them yet because I wanted to go over these details. Because I own a rental property, don'tchaknow, like I have money or something, so I have to report "profit" (hahahaha) and loss - which is always, always the case. It's an investment. Yeah, right.

So, the construction guy in the office has a good AC guy. I have his number. I'll call him on the morrow.

I actually was on the CUSP of paying off the last of my credit card debt by summer, and being able to think about a new car next year. My car is 8 years old, and while it's a Subaru and able to go on forever, I'm planning ahead.

Now, I'm postponing the eye exam.

I became a landlady because the house was basically underwater (or at least the water was lapping at the windowsills). I would have sold it at maybe break-even a few years ago, after owning it 15 years, and that just ain't right. Luckily, my daughter and son-in-law needed a new, pet-friendly place to rent, and the rest is history.

It's now not underwater, but has some "deferred maintenance" issues to address, so one way or the other, this shit must get fixed and replaced and repaired and cleaned up, as needed. "Your home is your biggest investment!" and also your biggest expense.

On a much more positive note, my daughter got the OK to sit for the first of the two exams that will get her the professional certification that will allow her to earn a decent living doing what she does, and by summer, she should be out from under the paycheck to paycheck barely getting by life they've lived for the last couple of years. And her brother's business is taking off - he is busier than a one-armed paperhanger, but with beer things. These are good developments, because as I am unable to save for retirement while supporting this fucking "investment" property, at this rate I will be living in one of their spare bedrooms in my old age.

Happy Wednesday! GRRRR.

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besshaile said...

LOL - I can see you in that spare bedroom.

Otherwise - not so funny. Must be in the stars, though our $ are flying out the window too this winter.

let us hope for better things.