Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Audiobook Winner Is....

Speaks the Nightbird: A Novel (Matthew Corbett) by Robert McCammon.

The name jogged something in my memory. I'm always delighted when I find evidence that I didn't lose all the small details from pre-brain thang. Back in the 80s, this guy wrote several really excellent horror novels, and I devoured them, passed them to my husband who enjoyed them too, and then moved on to something else. McCammon dropped from my cluttered list of things to remember.

So, I was browsing on Audible and saw the name, and thought it seemed somehow familiar, and followed the trail, and realized that I had read his horror stuff from the early 80s and really enjoyed it. But then, I saw the reader on this series - the fabulous Edoardo Ballerini - and the rave reviews, and that, combined with the vague memory of really loving McCammon's earlier stuff from the 80s, well, I was IN. So I have 30 hours of listening pleasure for starters, and it is...wait for it...a series! I may actually get my touch-up painting done and pies baked in the next two weekends!


Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of the fabulous Edoardo Ballerini, too!

bubblegum casting said...

me too!