Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I had to remove the pictures

because they made the words disappear, even in the post that followed a day later.

I am fed up with Blogger, but I don't have the time or energy to fix its issues. I have been looking for an HTML class nearby because I'd like to design my own site (yeah, I know, in my ample free time, right?)

Great aunt rallied for a few days, but died in her sleep. My mother went into a tailspin, but I think she'll come out of it (knocking wood vigorously). I am sad about great aunt's passing, but she had 93 very healthy years, was sharp as a tack and independent to the end, went downhill over a few days, and passed peacefully in her sleep. Sign me up for that deal, I'll take it.

She's too far away and I can't get off work to attend the funeral. I also can't attend the KR Retreat in NY. I have to hold off for Maryland Sheep and Wool in May.

Actual knitting content: I am working away on the Lacy Prairie Shawl from Folk Shawls, and I love this pattern! It is easy to memorize, easy to "read" and find my place, and even before blocking it's pretty. I'm also spending my evenings plotting new projects from my two new favorite books: Knit 2 Together and Mason-Dixon Knitting. I think it's the linen and cotton that draws me in. We had a few cool evenings (and the shawl will feel good in the mornings in a few weeks) but we're back in the 80s now. Sigh.

More later tonight, I hope. Maybe pictures if I can figure out Blogger's "issues."


Bess said...

Thoughts are with you oh family twin of mine. I too would love to have a long healthy life and then go quietly in my sleep after giving family a few days notice.

I'll miss you this weekend but there is always Maryland in the spring.

Geogrrl said...

My condolences on your great-aunt's passing. However, like you said, she was sharp and independent to the end and she didn't linger. Yup, sign me up for that one.

Anonymous said...

AMEN to that!
BLessings prayed for you, as always...
oh, and I just know you'll figure out a way to have the coolest site EVER and then we'll all have to sign up for your hosting genius!

Catherine said...

Greta, have you mastered the secret of staying awake for days? I'm lucky if I can get the laundry and trash and catboxes under control during the week!

Anonymous said...

She beat my grandmother who was 98 and confused for a couple of weeks.
Sorry to hear it anyways.

Debi said...

I'm sad for your loss Catherine. I'm glad her suffering was brief and I hope you're mom weathers this as easily as possible.