Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Go vote, if you haven't already. I went on Saturday, and there was a steady crowd and no lines. I was happy to see we are still on paper ballots here.

Obviously I hope the good turnout is a sign that people are ready for change and are turning out to vote these bums out.

Go. Vote these bums out.


dragon knitter said...

i haven't had time to go downtown to the election commision to vote, but i'll be hitting my polling place as soon as it opens this morning.

dragon knitter said...

what are you using to upload the pics? i hear that blogger doesn't like outside programs.

Catherine said...

It happens if I use Blogger too. I usually use Picasa, it is made to work with Blogger and has a Blogger link in it, but sometimes it works and sometimes it eats the text. It's very weird indeed.