Saturday, September 30, 2006

Socks. What is it about socks?

Okay, so the flat things thing isn't over, exactly, but the socks addiction is back. Tomorrow when I have the energy I will take pictures of Sock One and Sock Two, the sportweight Lorna's Laces socks for Boy. Sock Two looks nothing like Sock One. They aren't fraternal twins, they are total strangers with the same coloring. Same yarn, same pattern, same needles, same knitter, but Sock Two formed nice obedient swirls instead of blotches and pools and smudges.

I looked at the yardage for a medium man's sock and realized that I stupidly didn't buy enough Shepherd's Sock for a man's sock. But this is okay, because I want Boy to try on the sportweight socks I finished to make sure the size is good before I start another. Also, if he likes the heavier weight for boots then I know what I'm shopping for when I go yarn crawling up there.

Girl called dibs on one of the colorways for a pair of gloves. And yes, we do use gloves in the winter, generally only at night, but her new job will be an evening shift and she'll be leaving in the chilly night air, so she'll use them.

I also found in the Dark Cellar of Abandoned Projects a sock I'd started for Boy, God Knows How Long Ago, in a nice self-striping wool that was way too hot and itchy for Florida (and therefore abandoned by the knitter) but will be toasty and appreciated in the mountains. It is on two circulars. I have never been converted to the two circs method, I can take it or leave it. I see the benefit in being able to carelessly stuff a sock into a bag without losing a needle, and losing a needle is not a minor thing. I remember losing many a sock needle down the awful pink recliner in my husband's hospital room years ago, and had I known the two circs method then I'd have been a devotee for that reason alone. I don't think it is much faster and the results are the same, so what is the big deal? But I started this sock on two circs, so By God It Shall Be Done.

My car has new tires and everything is all aligned and happy, so I think it is prepared to slog to NC. I have dropped a grand on this car-that-I-do-not-even-like-and-never-did-like-and-bought-because-I-had-to in the past MONTH, and I resent this, but I'm not really psychologically ready to take on a car payment just yet, so the Desperate Altima and I are continuing our bad marriage. We are staying together for the sake of the bank account.

And this whole perimenopause thing really sucks, and that's all I'll say because more would drift into TMI, and I'm already avoiding topics on KR because suddenly there is a run of Female Troubles Discussion. I'm thinking they'll need a special section for it soon. I have names I could suggest, but I don't think they'd go over well.

One of the ways this perimenopause thing sucks is a resurgence of insomnia. I've been awake since Three-Fucking-Thirty Ay-EM. I am going to bed in a few minutes, to work on a sock. Love to make socks. Hardly ever wear them. Another reason to move.


KnitNana said...

From Nancy Bush's website...
Just in case you haven't seen these (NAYY) they are wonderful for holding those dpns together while knitting a sock! I love them.
And yes, perimenopause S**ks but menopause isn't a whole lot better, except of course, for the obvious! I still have sleepless nights...

dragon knitter said...

i have the same problem. love making socks, rarely wear them. my problem, however, is that i have NEVER cared to wear real shoes, mostly because my feet get too hot. and they don't get cold in sandals. in nebraska. in winter. if there's a large amount of snow on the ground, i'll wear shoes, but only then. i've even been in sock exchanges, and i dont' wear the socks much.

Brenda said...

Since I suffer from both periomenopause and second sock syndrome, I'm totally hooked on two socks on two circs. I like to knit them toe-up, so I can simply stop on the cuff when I run out of yarn. (I don't actually know what that has to do with periomenopause, but I thought I would throw that in.) I have also lost a fortune's worth of double pointed needles, and this method does solve that. Enjoy your vacation---Brenda.

Catherine said...

I only have second sock syndrome when I hate the first sock, so I've never had the urge to knit two at once. But as for running out of yarn, I can't just stop a cuff because I can't stand short socks personally, and my son certainly wouldn't want to wear them that way. I have enough for socks for myself and gloves for my daughter, I'll just have to Buy Yarn for my son while I'm visiting. But that's fine, because I'll be able to let him decide whether he wants the heavier sport weight instead of sock weight.

Bess said...

Qhh. What a pity. Having to buy more yarn. Bear up, dear heart. In time you will get used to buying yarn and it won't seem so difficult.


Happy VaCAYtion! Good traveling.

Ginnie said...

I am sorry to say that menopause doesn't inprove the sleep issue. I have never been a great sleeper, but I have a horrid time getting to sleep. Once asleep, I am ok, but getting there is a chore. ANd I am blessed with NOT having night hotflashes.

Have fun on the vacation.

Catherine said...

So far, my only "hot flashes" have been caused by having Dudley pressed to the small of my back - he gets hot too. He gets up, sighs, flounces, then throws himself down against me again, like, "This time it will be different!" And I've been an insomniac for nigh onto 20 years, but this waking at 3 and NOT going back to sleep crap is really unpleasant, given my daily labor.