Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7 day countdown

to my vacation. Oh My Gawd. There are like 200andsomething people in my entire company, and I swear to Jesus it felt like every one of them called or emailed me today with a question, project, or complaint. I like having a diverse job, I don't want to be stuck doing the same thing every day, but...damn. There is something to be said for being a cog in a structured machine, where you are expected to know your job and do it and go home at five. I never fully appreciated having a structured role until I came to this place where I have no role other than Knower of Things. My day is an endless barrage of questions about things I really have no official reason to know about, but they have figured out that I know things that aren't in my job description, so they all call. But when accounting calls me to ask me An Accounting Thing that happened a year before I started working there, I think I am entitled to start screaming quietly inside. THAT was truly over the top.

I have an appointment to get the car fixed, and I am bagging trash that is not garage sale worthy for tomorrow's output. I am working through my stack of things to do before I can get into my freshly aligned and non-shimmying Altima and head north. I will get it all done. But you know, I am so tired of getting it all done.


Sue Woo said...

I hope you love Asheville as much as I always have.

dragon knitter said...

trust me, i understand completely. my mom doesn't drive, so i'm the main chauffer (she's deaf as well, and i'm the family interpreter) so i HAVE to get it all done.

and considering the wedding was just on the 16th . . .