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I'm Catherine. I'm a Baby Boomer, and a frustrated creative type working in corporate world. I'm a widow, a grandma, and a brain aneurysm survivor. I love knitting, animals and all things Disney. I practice meditation and am mostly vegetarian.

Bossy Little Dogs started in 2003 as a knitting blog. Knitting blogs were a thing then, and I started a blog to distract myself from the stress of serving as sole caregiver to my terminally ill husband. It acquired its name when my demanding Yorkshire Terrier, Murphy, demanded my attention while I was trying to come up with a blog title. He was, and is, the boss. The name stuck, and so did the blogging habit. I'm somewhat surprised that I've kept this blog going when hundreds of knitting blogs, including many high profile ones, withered away. But then, this has never been much of a knitting blog.

It has evolved with my life over the last decade plus, and now is sort of an eclectic diary of a pottymouth grandma. There is only one missing year. 2007 was the year I had the bright idea to launch a new blog in January, then almost died of a ruptured brain aneurysm in February. Good times. You can find that missing year here.

The new blog never felt quite right, especially after the "brain thang," and though I tried to make it work, it just didn't. In 2008 I moved back to my old home, and in 2010 I acquired a one year old Boston Terrier, Sophie, and added an "s" to the blog title.

I never expected to become Grandma Blogger, but then, I was never sure where I was going with this thing. As you may notice, my blog posts are not deep, carefully crafted essays I work on for days, or even hours. Occasionally, there may be wine involved, though not the posts time stamped before noon. At least not yet. I'm considering more content and changes for this old blog. Like me, it's still a work in progress.

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