Friday, April 27, 2018

Two Freaking Months Since My Last Post?

I'm sorry, I'm not dead or even wounded. I'm fine. I have no excuse to not update more often, (or EVER) other than I stare into screens all freaking day and...grandma's tired, y'all.  I've been busy with other things, but all's fine. My day job is very technical and... while it's interesting in a "this is making my head hurt" way, I feel like I MUST step away from the keyboard when I leave.

I'm 60 days from turning 60, and I'm on a mission to get there in really good shape.  That Disney 5K totally turned my walking switch back on. I've discovered the world of virtual races, and am dying for a sloth medal.  Seriously one of the races has a sloth medal.  I want it.

Tomorrow we're going to Epcot Flower and Garden to do the scavenger hunt with Spike the Bee, and walk through the butterfly garden, and enjoy the topiaries and the fun foods.

Sophie is fine. She's not down with this walking business though, she's sure mommy's lost her mind. I take her for her short stroll and put her ass in the house to go walk without her.  I need a pit bull who can do three miles and love it.

Ellie is also fine and remains Best Cat Ever.

Delaney is also fine. She's an amazing reader now, her grades are fabulous and of course she's a dancing machine.  Her dance team will  be performing in Daytona next weekend, and she's going to try out for the "big girl team" this summer.  I think we can assume she'll be on the big girl team next year.  My daughter is adjusting to her new life as a Dance Mom. 

And now I must step away from the screen and do Friday Evening. 


wednesday said...

Glad you are just too busy (and tired of staring at a computer screen) to post. Enjoy logging the miles and go get that Sloth Medal!

KatyaR said...

You're alive!!!! (I need to check our virtual runs....)