Saturday, February 17, 2018

So, I'm really failing at this update more often thing.

I put a note about "update BLD" on my to do list every day. And then somehow I can't, because I'm so full of rage right now, and spewing it here would be somewhat satisfying but ultimately as useful as "thoughts and prayers."

I am full of rage.  I have calmed down a bit since the latest horrific massacre of schoolchildren, just the other day - and major love to Rachel Maddow, who used the words "mass murder".  Watch the language, and who uses it.  It's an "incident" a "tragedy" a whatever, like the fucking roof collapsed or a tornado hit the school.  Like it's an act of God, who could have seen it coming, let's turn the topic to mental illness!  OMG I feel my blood pressure rising, so I will stop here.  I will say that we have an opportunity to change this course in November, and it begins and ends with voting out every fucking Republican we can, and mop up the rest of those fuckers in 2020.  That party needs to die.  This isn't a failure of "Congress" this isn't "both sides," this is the party in control is not only covering for the puppet installed in the White House by a hostile foreign power, but doing a ton of really awful shit just because they can. 

While we were understandably distracted by the murders of a bunch of 14 and 15 year old kids because a 19 year old could legally buy an assault weapon, those vile, evil Republicans were busy gutting the Americans with Disabilities Act.  WHY would anyone do something so just plain shitty?  The ADA has been around for decades, it's useful and I'm pretty sure everyone agrees it's a good thing. Make life harder for blind people and deaf people and people who rely on wheelchairs to get around and work and just live, because their lives are already too easy? Why did they do it?  Because they can. And we need to stop them and fix this shit.

For my entire adult life, and I'll be 60 this year, I've listened to these people, as they wrapped themselves in the flag and proclaimed themselves to be the people who Love This Country and are all about Personal Responsibility and OMG the DEBT IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM EVER, and everything bad is the fault of the eebil libbruls.  Yeah, that was bullshit and if you bought it you might want to do some soul searching while you catch up on what's going on.  The economy is about to take another dive, when the reality of what's happened finally sinks in on Wall Street.  We're in the Trump chop shop, being sold off for parts. 

And meanwhile, there's the woman who got 3 million more votes, being berated and told to shut up and knit while the animated corpse of Mitt Romney rises to run again.  Misogyny.  A topic for another rant, and something that actually is "both sides."

I'm sorry, that really turned ranty.  Tomorrow I'm doing a long walk.  Next Friday is the 5k, and I'm stoked and ready for a fun morning.


Anonymous said...

ADA was a republican thing - GHWB maybe? Once you know somebody whose life is needlessly difficult, it matters. Maybe go watch Black Panther - it's full of women with spears being mean.
I'm taking hope from the articulate students calling out politicians that the coming generation will have it together. In the meantime, I'm being as nice to everybody as I can, because fuck this shit.

wednesday said...

Yeah, I am pinning my hopes on all those kids with phones who refuse to be silenced about the terror they experienced. I personally think we should classify the NRA as a terrorist organization and seize their assets. Wouldn't that be a perfect solution?

The election commission here is visiting high schools, registering seniors to vote, and installing voting machines for the election that falls on May 1. They never did that sort of thing when I was in high school. Hopefully this generation will be a lot more politically active than previous ones, and the lines on voting day won't be nothing but retired folks.