Friday, August 18, 2017

The Firehose of Crazy Never Stops

So, this was a week, wasn't it? We're all still wrapping our heads around the Bogus POTUS siding with white supremacists and neo-Nazis and whatever the hell they call themselves (is there a difference, besides their self-labeling and wardrobe?). For the sake of my carpal tunnel, I'm going to call them all Nazis going forward, but please understand my use of the word encompasses every flavor of racist asshole.

This is some scary shit we're living through, for sure. But pressure and phone calls and public outrage are getting a few of the spineless quisling GOP to stand up, tentatively, like wee prairie dogs poking out of their burrows, and squeak mild protests. Here's hoping that eventually they'll realize their own futures are on the line and at least fake being patriots? Maybe??

Meanwhile, we can all chuckle at the stories of the Citronella Nazis getting fired by their employers, and the whining that has ensued. One headline described it as "outing." Um, you marched in broad daylight, or carrying a torch that illuminated your face, into hundreds of cameras, sweeties. That's not being "outed," and you didn't show up at this by accident, and if your employer has some crazy HR rule about, yanno, not employing Nazis, that is highly unfortunate for you, but something anyone with half a brain might have anticipated.

And that leads me to another personal story of Deplorables I Know IRL.

A co-worker got fired this week. I won't go into too many details, but it was a really basic, every employee is expected to adhere to certain expectations kind of thing, and she had violated it egregiously for a long, long time, and got many, many warnings, and finally pushed the envelope past breaking, and was told not to come back. (Just to be clear: this had absolutely nothing to do with anything political; it was a very basic, everyone over the age of five knows they have to get up and do what they have to do issue.)

And she who had been warned many, many times, would "be good" for a while then backslide into taking advantage again, and if I described the extent of the recent taking advantage you wouldn't even believe me. Picture the most over-the-top sitcom bad employee you've ever seen, now take it past that, and you might get close. She finally pushed management beyond their breaking point. And of course, when she was let go said, I swear to GOD: "I was stunned," and texted one of our other co-workers that she'd spent the day in bed, all sad and victimized. So today when I read all the stories of the Nazis all freaked out that they lost their jobs after being photographed at a white supremacist rally, I thought of my former co-worker. Like the Nazis, she was truly gobsmacked that the rules everyone else lives by actually applied to her.

But as a practical matter, our small team is now down TWO people, and I have no idea how that's going to work.

As far as looking in the mirror and thinking I look 10 years older goes, that's what Clairol is for. And Disney. And books. I do try to take the weekend off this shit and escape. Because breaking the country down, until batshit is normal and everyone is focused on the shiny things and missing the ways our democracy is being dismantled is exactly the purpose of this administration.


Anonymous said...

are you reading john pavlovitz? he's becoming my anchor ... such a lovely man ... and he posts frequently on fb and twitter-

hang in there ... things HAVE to improve-

barb in texas

Catherine said...

Oh yes, he's on that list of people who keep me sane!

wednesday said...

Yes! to John Pavlovitz! He is a light in the darkness.

The pressure is working. The letters and phone calls are slowly having an effect. Bannon being fired and going back to Brietbart will be incredible. Those two colossal egos are now enemies, and the fireworks will be spectacular.

peter said...

nice post