Friday, June 16, 2017

I still exist. I'm just in a state of overwhelm.

Nothing too dramatic, don't panic, but work is batshit and the country is batshit and I just want to sit quietly and make things. It has rained every day since forever. Yes, it's Florida and it's the rainy season, and don't get me started at how delightful it is when people who HAVE NEVER FUCKING LIVED HERE tell everyone on Facebook about the rainy season, and how it rains for an hour between 4 and 5 or whatever, and THAT'S NOT WHAT'S HAPPENING AND SERIOUSLY THE SUN FINALLY CAME OUT HALF AN HOUR AGO, AT 7:30 PM, for the first time in at least ten days.

I truly feel sorry for the poor souls who saved for years to come to Florida for their Big Disney Vacation last week, because the weather has been as gray and humid and rainy and awful as I've ever known it at this time of year. But seriously, if you live anywhere NOT Florida, please don't weathersplain "typical Florida weather" to Disney visitors whining about the weather. I'm lookin' at YOU, Facebook Disney groups. These aren't the "afternoon showers," you condescendingly describe, as remembered from your week here in July five or ten years ago.

For the past two weeks, we've been waking up to gray skies and going to bed with rain. Tonight is the first night in about two weeks where we are actually seeing a sunset. No, this is not normal for us, Facebook Weathersplainers from elsewhere. We locals are all sick of the endless grayness, because THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

And speaking of Disney - my daughter had let me know a month or so ago that her birthday present to me was going to be a mother-daughter tea at The Grand Floridian. Which does sound very lovely and magical, but today she said would I like a gift card to the new TV? And here I am again, being all practical, but I think what I want for my birthday is a gift card toward the new TV and help hauling the sucker home. I'm shopping Target, because I've saved up gift cards for months toward the TV, but I really also need a stand, and it's a race to see whether the Blue Screen of Death takes over before I have a replacement lined up, because the single blue lines of death are now double lines, and have gone from barely noticeable to distracting and annoying. It may have another month in it, but it's rapidly becoming like watching TV through vertical blinds.

I finished the crocheted shrug and love it so much, I'm working on a second to use up failed afghan yarn selections. Tomorrow I think I am taking the cotton shrug to the local bargain theater with the super comfy seats and meat locker AC to see Wonder Woman on the big screen. I feel in need of a Girl Power transfusion.

Oh, and I think it's less and less likely that we have a legitimate president. 39 states were hacked, and though there is no reported evidence of voting mechanisms compromised by foreign interference, as Malcolm Nance and others have pointed out, you don't hack the voting machines. It's the tabulation that matters. I still think the margin of winning was just so suspiciously small, focused just enough to tip the electoral college, just barely enough.... That, combined with everything that has gone down since, and we are living in very interesting times. And the people still in denial that this is happening at all are either shamefully ignorant, or just shitty excuses for Americans. We need to know what happened. Period. It's not going to be easy, but our country's future hangs on finding the answers. We are in a Constitutional crisis that makes Watergate seem like a fraternity prank.

I'm going to crochet something mindless now. Goodnight.


Kirsten said...

Everything is insane. I'm working on simple and clear intentions, myself. But Wonder Woman! OMG. And I just learned (through 8 weeks of PT) how to stand up straight again! Lots of stupid things in it, but Wonder Woman! I hope you love it.

Catherine said...

Oh no, how did you land in 8 weeks of PT? I missed that story.

I didn't see WW last weekend. Got busy. Maybe this weekend.