Saturday, June 04, 2016

Photos from Sunday

We spent most of Sunday at the pool, and it was wonderful. We had a 4 p.m. dinner reservation at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom, and arrived just in time. The theme of Tusker House is Mickey and Donald on an African safari, so of course the food and decor are African themed. The buffet is extensive and the food was pretty good, but our socks were not knocked off. (Akershus had set the bar impossibly high, I think.) Delaney enjoyed it very much and we were there for the experience, which was very enjoyable. Our server was friendly and attentive and despite our socks remaining on, we somehow still managed to use a lot of plates and eat a ton of tasty food.

After our meal we wandered in the heat until it was Fast Pass time. Delaney was measured and was indeed tall enough to ride Expedition Everest, but decided she's not ready yet, which I think was a wise choice. Grandma didn't mind waiting with her while Mommy and Daddy rode - I was rather full from dinner and a little sick from the heat and wasn't feeling in a roller coaster mood.

Then it was time for the main event - the evening safari ride. The animals were active and quite close to the vehicles:

The most amazing moment of the night - as our vehicle approached the lions, one of the two females stood up and jumped from boulder to boulder, getting as close as possible to our safari truck, got comfortable and began to roar. Our driver paused as long as she could so we could all experience the sound of lion's roar from a few feet away, truly a goosebump-raising experience. My daughter took that photo with her phone, not a long lens. The lion was that close. It was the highlight of the day for me.

It was a great mini-vacation and a perfect last Disney visit until summer ends. We're already plotting our next weekend.

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