Wednesday, May 11, 2016

And the Cat Came Back...

We thought he'd found a girlfriend, but the cat came back, the very next day after a week probably spent impregnating random females around town. Not so much a children's song.

He's thinking about the comforts of home, he's trying, but he's scared. This morning I looked out around 6:30 and he was huddled on the front balcony. It was clear and comfortable and 70 degrees, he wasn't there for warmth. Sophie had to pee, so we walked past him. He tensed. I think he's had a bad encounter with a dog recently. I used to be the scary one, while Sophie seemed cool. Now she's a threat, even though she was just polite and friendly. But he was still there when we came back, and I put Sophie inside and I opened the door and called hi baby, and brought him some chicken. He didn't eat and run. He huddled in the corner. I brought him seconds. He ate seconds. He still didn't leave. He napped for half an hour in the corner against the wall. I went out again with a bowl of fresh water, and talked to him, and he ran down the stairs three steps and looked at me with saucer eyes. He's thinner, and he's trying to not be so scared. He came back up and resumed his nap, but he never relaxed.

He remained curled up in the corner until I came out to leave for work, when he bolted. I was walking behind him and I swear I have no idea where he went, and I was looking. He'll be back, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week. I will up my game to spend time with him. He's looking thinner, and I haven't given up.


wednesday said...

He might have been trapped somewhere. I had a co-worker who's cat went missing for two weeks. She had given her up for dead, when a neighbor brought her home. They'd come back from a vacation to find her locked in their garage, nearly starved. She had been an aloof cat, came and went as she pleased, but after her ordeal, she never strayed far from home again and was very affectionate.

Catherine said...

I don't think he was trapped, I know he has another "home" a couple of blocks away - I'll see him when I'm walking, and he pretends he doesn't know me. ;-)