Friday, April 15, 2016


I Hereby Declare: I am giving myself permission to do not jack shit tomorrow. I'm tired. I want a full day of couch time, with knitting and Netflix.

Well, except for changing the sheets and doing the laundry. And the floors because damn, they are feeling gritty. Otherwise, I am totally not doing jack shit. Except for the A/C filter, because that needs changing, and I have a package to mail. Otherwise, not jack shit. Maybe I'll repot that planter I got when Murphy passed. It's on the balcony, where it has been since about day three after delivery, when I realized that it oozed. The plants are still healthy, but the planter itself is a leaky mess. But other than sheets and laundry and mopping floors and repotting plants, I'm totally doing not jack shit. Oh, and mailing a package. Other than that. Oh, and the A/C filter. Otherwise, totally not jack shit.

I Hereby Declare that I will at least sit down and watch a movie, and knit. Because my knitting mojo is back, baby, and I have stuff to do, after I do all the other stuff.


wednesday said...

Your "Not Doing Jack Shit" days sound a lot like mine. And at the end of them, do you find yourself wondering how you could possibly be so tired, when you didn't do jack shit all day?

Catherine said...

Always. I also wonder how I can clean the house all day and look around at the end of the day and think it looks exactly the same.