Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Dudley did okay on his first post-op day at home, crated, wearing a cone. He only has to do that one more day, then he has two days with daddy off work and two with mommy off work, and by then, he will be mostly over this icky experience. They release him from the crate and cone when they are around to supervise, but of course, it's not just HIM picking at his own stitches, but two other curious BFFs who are Very Concerned, and Too Helpful.

I've been researching the gray screen of death diagnosis, and it appears that my iPad is truly a goner. And really, the screen just...looks dead. It looks like the display died. And I'm very sad, because I loved it like a pet. Yes, I can get a new pet (thanks to my boss, who is truly a good guy) but I am in a foot-stamping tantrum anyway - DAMMIT! I REALLY LIKED THE ONE I HAD!

I'm surprised at how iPad dependent I'd become. It was my little buddy, and now I have to get a new little buddy, and I know in time I'll learn to love it just as much, but still, I didn't expect or want this.

Look at me, whining, when I don't even have to spend money to replace it! I'll shut up now.


Anonymous said...

How old is your deceased I-pad? Sometimes the Genius Bar people with just decide "That should not have happened!". Then take it away and GIVE you a new one.
While the Genius Bar people squabble over who gets to investigate the broken one.
This has happened here to three people that I know of, and they reckon the reaction behind the bar is the funniest part of the experience. Wouldn't that be nice?

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

I think it's around two years old, Gae, and yes, that's exactly what I think should happen. I am very careful with my toys. It has never been dropped, nor left in the heat or the cold, and it looks like brand new. It is one of the more high-end models with the retina display and 4G, and 32 GB, because I needed the 4G to access the MLS outside the office, and the memory for other programs. Now, I really could manage fine with 16 GB and no 4G, but why should I HAVE to?

We'll see what happens this afternoon.

LindaP said...

It sounds silly but can they but doggie pants on Dudley to keep the other dogs (and him) from picking at the stitches? Just a thought.

Catherine said...

Oh, the pants would just be a challenge for them, Linda! He'd be mugged for sure!