Thursday, January 02, 2014

Okay All, Redirect Alert!

After a second session with the nice chat help at my domain host about my so far worthless domain,, we think we have the redirect thing redirected. I am posting this to alert the Few and The Loyal - if I disappear tomorrow it's only temporary, because I'll undo the link to the new domain, swear like a shipload of sailors, and proceed to set up a whole new WordPress blog at the new address.

I'm lazy. No, I'm busy. I understand, now, how to do a WordPress site and it's not rocket science, but it IS up-front work, doing the layout, deciding what goes where, and of course the time it would take to find, edit and insert images, etc. For now, I'd rather take the easy way out and just do what I'm doing here, THERE. If this attempt at redirecting doesn't work, I'll continue to write here, and do the design work there, and eventually, this will become yet another historic artifact in cyberspace. I just don't want to lose what's here, because what's here is ten years of my life. A really...eventful...ten years. (If you're a recent reader, yeah, you are thinking, "You remodeled a") Yeah, it's been really dull around here lately, and for that, I am profoundly grateful. ;-)

I have other plans, plans I'm not ready to talk about until I have these technical issues figured out. It may very well be that I will have to abandon the Blogger ship to do what I want to do, but I'm exploring Options.

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besshaile said...

Ah well. You know I'll follow Bossy Dogs anywhere. Just keep us in the loop.