Saturday, January 25, 2014

My readers/commenters are the best!

Thank you Mary in Cincinnati for turning me on to Christina Pirello. I looked her up on Amazon and promptly added I'm Mad As Hell, and I'm Not Going to Eat it Anymore: Taking Control of Your Health and Your Life--One Vegan Recipe at a Time to my wish list. (Knowing me, I'll probably go back and buy it later today.)

Then I scurried to my TV and checked to see if her show aired here. I see it listed for 11 next Saturday morning, but no showing for today, so I'm wondering if the station is just starting to carry her show? That's probably why I had never heard of her! I've set the DVR to record, and thanks for the tip!

On a related note and coincidentally, a local company has started an "electronic organic grocery store", and they are about 5 minutes from my office! I'll have to give them a try; it would be so easy to swing by and pick up groceries on my way home. I had been looking into doing a farm share box, but the pick-up location in Winter Park is not very convenient.

On a totally unrelated note, I have a 4 p.m. appointment at good ol' Home Despot, with the designer who did the kitchen, to see if she has the same mad skills with a 5x8 basic bathroom on a budget.
I got an estimate from the plumber on the plumbing part of the process, and it was exactly in the range I'd expected (4 grand). But then there's the vanity, flooring, DRYWALL REPAIR IN TWO ROOMS (GRRR), so add about 2 grand on top of that. Sigh. That's also a lot of trades to manage while everybody's working full time and my daughter and son-in-law are also juggling classes. Coordinating it through a Home Depot or Lowe's is certainly worth looking into, so I'll get a price from them, too. My tenants are being very patient, but I want to get this show on the road.

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