Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Random, Not Crabby Book Review.

I finished the second of the Matthew Corbett series:The Queen of Bedlam (Matthew Corbett)half an hour ago. I listened to the audiobook, read by one of my all-time favorite readers, Edoardo Ballerini. I looked up his bio on IMDb, and honestly, I'm not sure I've ever seen him ACT! I'm sure he's an amazing actor, but I know him only for his voice work as an audiobook reader, which is simply the best.

The Matthew Corbett books are my new series/addiction. I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd rediscovered Robert McCammon while browsing, and realized that I'd loved his 80s horror novels, then forgot he existed. I'm loving this series! I particularly love the way he slipped some teeny-tiny anachronistic funnies into this book, like an aside about an ambitious young man going into the coffee import business and opening a coffee shop in New York. He had this very novel idea of putting flavoring in the cream! (No, he didn't name the man Mr. Starbucks.) It had nothing to do with the plot, and I'm sure was tossed in just for the tiny chuckle. It's a dark book - all of his stuff is dark - but the characters are well-drawn and interesting, even the bad guys. The violence is violent, there is a lot of gore, but then there's this young man with the novel idea of flavored coffee creamers, and suddenly the city that was so scary midway through the book seems delightful. I vaguely recall his horror novels had a similar charm, and I'll have to re-read them one of these days, but not just yet. Now, I need a palate cleanser.

There is nothing at all Christmas-y about this book, excellent though it may be it doesn't do anything at all to get one into the holiday spirit, so I think it's time to turn to some lighter listening while walking the dogs. Time to think about the next selection.

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