Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The forecast has improved greatly.

Florida is supposed to get slammed with thunderstorms and such in the night, but by the time I am up and out in the morning, the worst should be passing on by off the coast. I was mainly concerned with the higher elevations as I get into SC, but, yeah, it's all looking better. So, have audiobooks, will travel.

I'm listening to Speaks the Nightbird,and it is wonderful. Yes, doesn't hurt that the reader of the Audible.com version is Edoardo Ballerini, who is one of the best audiobook readers EVER, but in print I'd find this just as hard to put down.

Warning: It is not for the squeamish. Robert McCammon wrote some really horrific horror stories in the 80s, and let's just say that the man can turn a stomach-turning phrase. But it's not a horror story - after I got about halfway in, I realized that young Matthew Corbett, with his keenly analytical mind, was going to become an earnest and brave young 18th century Sherlock Holmes. In this, the first of a series, Matthew is a 20 year old law clerk who becomes convinced that a woman has been framed as a witch in a small and struggling Carolina colony town. The hows and whys and the cast of characters are complicated and intriguing. This isn't a gross-out book at all, but there are some moments where the author's descriptive talents are...really descriptive (and occasionally laugh out loud funny, if gross.) But damn, this man can write, and I'm so glad to find this series. I may have to get around to listening to the 80s stuff again, eventually. After I exhaust the Matthew Corbett books. I have the second book at the ready.

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Linda said...

Safe travels my internet friend. Enjoy your holiday with family!