Saturday, November 02, 2013


The hats I'm making for the AVL kidlets aren't Christmas presents (I don't DO Christmas knitting), so I asked their moms (my DiL and her sister) about styles, colors, etc. This was the winner:
The Harmony Cloche. It is super-cute and super-easy, and I love the pattern. (Except for that k5tog business in worsted, because WTF? That hurt my fingers!)

I hit gauge, and made the larger of the two sizes that covered Supergirl's head size as measured by her mother. Her mom wanted a neutral color and I know Supergirl is all about the softness, so I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in The Bean. Fabulously neutral colors; cream and tans and greige-y gray, soo soft, and the hat is adorable and tres chic. It was a rainy day and there were good movies on the tee-vee, so I've already finished one of the three hats I've promised. The style is stylin', the pattern was easy, but it looks so SMALL. Miss D is going to come over tomorrow to try it on. I have enough left to make another if I need to go a size up, but I'm really curious about how much this will stretch on an actual child's actual head. I am on gauge. I, who on small items will often just wing it and check later if it seems off, hit 4 stitches/inch dead on. We shall see how it fits on an actual child's head - then I can measure Delaney's head and see how far she's off her cousin's measurement. If I have to go up a size, I may have to order another skein. No biggie; the littlest cousin can have this one, and she can have a matching hat with her big cousin. I could get another skein and make a watch cap for the boy cousin, and let their moms go crazy sorting out whose hat is whose every time they get together, but I wasn't really aiming for a theme. I'm already thinking leftovers will be adorable as small crocheted toys.

Supergirl was asked about her own hat color preferences and she wanted something bright, so I also bought a skein of Shepherd Worsted in Island Blue. I'll do a simple cuffed watch cap in that color. She can have two hats, one for fashion, one for keeping her ears warm when the wind blows. I don't know if she has her Namaw's sensitive ears, but I HATE cold ears. I am a total Lorna's Laces groupie, and think the Shepherd yarns are the ultimate for kid knitting - superwash, amazing colors, and soft as buttah.


Anonymous said...

Oooh la la !! Tres chic, your little mademoiselles will be very stylish,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Anonymous said...

That little hat is super cute! I knit a simple watch cap for my dad for Christmas, and I am dying to see if it fits his super-sized, totally square head. (I am not talking trash here---he even talks about his own head this way. It is hard to find a hat that will fit him.)