Friday, August 23, 2013

Cabinet Delivery Day! It's HERE!

It's the day of the Big Truck from Kraftmaid, and I'll be working at home this morning until they get here. I have cleared space upstairs for the boxes, but I'm not sure whether the delivery company will agree to put them upstairs. The garage has room too, so either way, we're good. Then I am supposed to call Eric, the nice young installation guy, and he'll schedule the tear-out for one day next week - hoping for Monday, but we'll see. I'm still not sure how the schedule will flow. I am fairly sure that I will have no functioning kitchen for several weeks.

Home Depot didn't have a good selection of the very necessary under-cabinet task lighting, so tomorrow I'm off to Lowe's - their website had many more options. Quality LED task lighting is a must in the working area, because there is no overhead fixture (high pointy ceilings) and I don't really want to put a fixture up there - too hard to reach. (My personal design rule: No light fixtures I can't reach from a stepladder.) Good task lighting will shed plenty of light - even the current fluorescent fixtures, poorly located as they are, do a half-decent job, and all I want to do is improve on that.

And my timing has been pretty good so far: it's just about time for the Labor Day appliance sales! I still need a stove, microwave, and dishwasher. Whew. Almost done with the big, scary spending, but not quite.

One way my timing has been poor: Work is busy and stressful. I have a strong desire to run away to Asheville, and I've promised myself a long weekend visiting the Asheville family at the end of October, after the seven, or possibly eight, project proposals are submitted. I'll be working at home on some of the million moving parts of that today, waiting for the truck.


Anonymous said...

I do not envy your schedule for the next few weeks, Catherine. I do have one suggestion for appliances...give IKEA a try if you have one near you...I love mine. Mary in cincinnati

besshaile said...

well. I wonder if you posted photos of the chaos I would stop being jealous about the New Kitchen 2 B.

Courage - this too will end