Monday, July 08, 2013

Carpet's Looking Better.

The flooring measure will happen tomorrow, sometime between 2 and 3.  I will bug out from the office and skid into the driveway 5 minutes before the flooring guy, if I'm lucky. 

I've been rethinking and pricing flooring choices, and it's all going to come down to installation costs.  This charming little place (and I am not snarking; it really IS charming and I love it to pieces) is all angles, high ceilings, spacious rooms, sunny windows, and old plumbing and wiring, and bringing it up to code is going to be pricier than I'd anticipated. 

Flooring is another big unknown, because I am on the 2nd floor, and I don't know what the sub-floor under the carpet is made of. The whole place is solid; concrete block all the way up and there is zero noise between the neighbors, so I think the sub-floor must be solid, but is it solid enough for tile without an expensive reinforcement?   That is the Great Unknown.  Or rather, that is the Great Unknown of the Week. 

So depending on the flooring cost verdict, I may be stepping away from the tile that looks like wood, and go to a nice new tile in the kitchen and foyer, and a much better carpet in the rest.  A carpet with a 25 year warranty against fading, wear and dog pee (seriously, it's in the warranty) would suit me just fine.  I really was concerned about the echo of the tile flooring with 16 ft ceilings, until I was seduced by the idea of that wood-look tile. But really, a good, 25 year warranty carpet would be not so loud.  Material price per foot is about the same.  The sub-flooring and installation cost will be the deciding factor. 

Boss Man is back from vacation, and he was delighted that his re-entry was smooth and easy.  I'd been monitoring his email and phone for two weeks, directing traffic, returning calls as needed, and it was a breeze, because when people realized he was out of pocket, they quit calling.  :-)

The pace picked up as soon as his ass was on the ground and he was on phone and email all weekend, but everything is under control, or as under control as a development company ever is.  It's a different world, and you have to just relax, let go, and ride the crazy train.  Nearly into Month Four, I'm starting to get this place figured out a bit. 

I was tickled when Boss Man sent me an email (after reviewing his email after he got home) and said that there were deals going on and I probably hadn't been copied on anything, and could I please find out...?  And I said I had chased them down and had copies of the latest contract drafts, and here's a tracking spreadsheet I'd started, it's a work in progress so let me know what else we need.  That's on top of fielding phone calls about insurance issues and potential deals and issues at active communities, and damn, I really AM underpaid.  And we will have to chat about that, soon.  Because I Am Worth It, and by now, he knows it.


Anonymous said...

The Bossy little dogs would probably prefer carpet - somewhere comfy for a puke, and better traction at speed.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

The dogs are divided - Murphy loves to stretch out on nice, cool tile, while Sophie loves a warm, comfy floor. I'm divided too - but dog pee proof carpet with a 25 year warranty sounds pretty good to me right now!

Anonymous said...

Son Erich, and family is having great fun with 4 month old Chet, Jack Russell.
They have polished wood floors in their new house, and Chet is absolutely fine on a straight run, but takes corners on two wheels, and is so startled it even changes the tone of his bark.
I have an image of Murphy doing the 'froggy-doggie' thing with his back legs spread wide and his tummy on the tiles. Well, they will each have what they prefer, won't they? What a thoughtful parent........, I hope they appreciate it.

Gae, in Callala Bay