Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This and that.

But still no pictures. But be warned, when I finally find the strength to wrestle them from the cool camera through the elderly computer onto the internets, it will be a bunch. But I need time, patience, coffee, tin cans, string and a Ouija board to get it done, and I'm tired.

Murphy is now three weeks past his haircut window, and so am I. I'm shooting for the end of next week for the dog, and a week from Saturday for me.

I did work out for an hour this evening and I feel eversomuch calmer. It really is the key to everything. I cannot let my crazy life derail a commitment to an hour a day of serious movement.

Great Aunt is still in the ICU, but my mother's calls have diminished. She called my cousin today and didn't call me. Cousin emailed me to say she was out, got the message, and she'll call her back this evening. She is a Saint. She needs a case of wine and a gift basket from Lush and a Clapotis at this point. I was in meetings all day, we have so much going on at work it's lunacy. I wish I could say I can just blow it off for family things, but that's not how it works. I do care, I really do, I love my great aunt, I worry about my mother's sanity, I feel awful that Cousin C is throwing herself on this one. But my brain is mush, I honestly couldn't have listened to 40 minutes of round and round the same thing and and responded with more than a disinterested grunt. I don't feel guilty or any desire to call her. I will talk to her when she calls me. And Cousin C is so getting a gift box from Lush.

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dragon knitter said...

well, i'm glad cousin c is such a saint. i had a cousin do the same kind of thing for me last year. my mom passed out at church, and she didn't have any current phone numbers, so no one could contact any of us kids. she stepped up and took care of her at the hospital until someone could locate a number (mine is unlisted, so they called my brother who is an hour and a half away). she was great