Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Photos! Because I've been nagged. :-)


A plague of amphibian cuteness.


I've read blogs where knitters were frustrated that their socks formed irregular stripes and "didn't match," and I could barely tell the difference. In this case, all I can say is, "At least they're the same color." If the size is good I'll make Boy another pair, but I don't want to start another pair for him until we size-test them.


So I started another pair for myself - Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Black Purl. Look how nicely it swirls and stripes! So the fault lies not with Lorna's Laces, dear readers. That one sock is a freak of nature. Posted by Picasa


Debi said...

Ah... now that's what I'm talking about! Actually I totally love both socks, pooling or striping but I'll bet yours pool on the foot too. It's just the nature of the handpainted beast.

Those frogs are prceless, you should sent that into !

dragon knitter said...

i have a friend who used the black pearl, and she made stripey socks, too.

Patricia said...

Cute socks, one for each frog!

dragon knitter said...

have a safe trip, i'm assuming you're going to leave today.

dragon knitter said...

cotton-ease is coming back! verified! new colors!

check out the link:

dragon knitter said...

ok, catherine, this is weird. when i first click on your blog, i see a post saying something about packing up the car, but it vanishes before i can get any further than that. WTF!