Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am SO pleased with Me, I make myself sick.

This weekend I have single-handedly:

Prepped the armoire to leave on consignment, and waved bye-bye when two strong young men earned hernias sending it on its way.

Cleaned up the most disgusting accumulation of cat hair you've ever seen in your life where said armoire once lived. I do not exaggerate when I say it was a large piece of furniture. It weighed between 500 and 600 pounds, and there was no sliding it out from the wall to clean behind it. The allergy score in this house dropped with its departure, I'm sure.

Moved my desk from office soon to be STUDIO, yes Bess, to the spot where said armoire once towered.

Moved computer and way too many peripherals. Cleaned cat hair, dust and a disgusting buildup of food debris from all.

Printed pictures for framing while the sweat from all of the above dried. (I did shower this morning, I promise.)

Reapplied deodorant, applied mascara, fluffed hair and changed t-shirt before going forth in to buy things I needed to complete the transition.

Ventured into JoAnn's ETC (Experience The Cretins who work there) to buy half-price picture frames. It actually wasn't as tortured as the typical JoAnn's experience, I got what I wanted and didn't want to garrotte the staff with the overload of novelty yarn that still despoils their yarn department.

I am on record as being no yarn snob, I take my yarn like wine and beer, sometimes cheap and basic is a good thing. But too many aisles of yarn are devoted to ugly shit for beginner scarves. I know this, because I was totally psyched to buy Patons Decor for a log cabin afghan a la Mason-Dixon for Boy, but they didn't have any useful colors. But if you want to make a scarf that looks like it is oozing pus, they're so ready for you.

Bought a wireless card for This Old PC. Installed same. Because sometimes Catherine takes a few beats to catch up, and this was one of those times.

I had thought that moving my computer would mean adding a splitter to the line coming into the living room, the line that now feeds Big Redneck TeeVee and the HD-DVR Box of Wonder and Joy. And I worried about splitting and weakening the signal, and wondered if it would work. And as I was getting myself psyched to move all this shit this morning, the wee technical corner of my brain finally noticed what I was doing and sighed, "Hello Dumb Bitch, you have that thing, that whatchacallit, that WIRELESS NETWORK in this house? That you actually installed yourself, remember?" Why was I thinking of splitting anything? Modem and router will live in the office turned craft room STUDIO. They like it there and nobody has to split any signals. I apologize to the few young techie types who can stand to read this blog, because it took me DAYS to see the Frigging Obvious. But I do give myself credit for finally seeing it.

Network card purchased and installed, I am rocking and rolling from my new spot, and the studio (yes, Bess) is coming to life.


Yarngirl said...

Wow!!! An enormous amount to get done in one day - you should be very happy indeed! I'm looking forward to seeing how your studio takes shape - I need a little inspiration for my own space, which looks like a craft store blew up in it. Wireless - it's the best.

KatyaR said...

Wow, congratulations! I bet you're exhausted--I am just reading about it!

And once you go wireless--you never got back!

KnitNana said...

Congrats for a well-spent weekend, you need to pay yourself (a lot) on the back and be PROUD! Even if it did take a bit to realize the wireless stuff (ok, I'll admit, I must be even less techie than you are, b/c I do not have wireless, and know nothing about it!)

Bess said...

Wee Haa!!

Strike a blow for ART! and joy. Congratulations girl. You've committed to the S word.