Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I don't know who introduced me to Franklin via a blog link, but I'm in love. And I realized that this is becoming a disturbing pattern, vividly illustrated on my birthday this year, when I realized that I had received flowers from three (or four) men, and three of them are gay (two are partners, so I think I should count them as a unit, giftwise) and one is married to my cousin (and there is nothing Jerry Springer going on there, just in case you're wondering, she was, I'm sure, the real instigator of the roses). But the roses did cause a stir in the office, let me tell you.

I believe the answer is to select a straight man who can fulfill my desires (car repairs and yard work, of course!) but who has a great attitude toward the roster of gay men I actually like to TALK to, and who share more of my interests. I'll watch football with you and make you lasagna, honey, but you have to accept that there are other men in my life. But there are other men in theirs, too, so it's cool.

That may be the way to compromise, because sadly, it's much easier to find the fun gay guys than the fun straight ones who aren't taken. And no matter what Cousin C says, I can't string a guy along just to make sure I have a date for holiday parties, I'm quite sure that's a negative on the KarmaCard.


caroline said...

you find one, you let me know if he has a brother, mmmK?
Woman I do NOT know what is up with the men in this state. it's a veritable wasteland. le sigh.

Geogrrl said...

I think I was the one that introduced you to Franklin--at least I've linked you to him in a few comments.

I love his blog and I'd love to have someone like him to hang around with.

Ya know, you're not the first one to suggest that more than one man is necessary to meet a woman's needs/wants.

dragon knitter said...

isn't that how it goes? they're either all married, or gay? i have some good friends that are decidedly gay, and the few males who aren't, are married. thank goodness i'm not in the market, lol.

and franklin is most definitely an uproarious riot