Sunday, September 17, 2006

My weekend


Dali Dog.

He looks as wrung-out as I feel.


Finished: One pink feather and fan baby/toddler wrapper. It's about 40 inches square, which really isn't outrageous for such a thing. It just looks big splayed out like that. Posted by Picasa


Sue Woo said...

Awww! Dali dog is cute. He just needs a drippy clock.

Blankey is beautiful. I love feather and fan.

Amy in StL said...

Ha! Dali Dog... I love that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, your post about widowhood was so interesting. My mother was widowed at 42 and no one abandoned her. Just the opposite, everyone wanted to be HELPFUL and SUPPORTIVE and it felt so FORCED and PHONEY and got to be too much.

Women who are infertile are supposed to have a lot in common, and in a way we do. But there are so many things I have never experienced, like having every one of your friends get pregnant at the same time. God, when one of my friends conceives it's such a freakin miracle, I think, well, at least I haven't stumbled into the Handmaid's Tale.


Catherine said...

Helpful and Supportive and Forced and Phoney - Yep, that's it. I felt like I was their Feel Good Project - I mean, hell, we had nothing in common other than my husband who was no longer around to make conversation with them!

Lulu said...

doggie is just so cute..lovely blankie